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Community Round Table: Part 2 - Mike Zimmer

I wanted to grab the opinion of some of the commenters on the site about 5 current Bengals topics. Here is the second round of responses.

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2. Mike Zimmer's defense was outstanding on Sunday. What does the future hold for him? It is a surprise he has not been offered a head coaching position. Do you think this is the year it happens and should it be the Bengals? If so, how does that change the organization.


Mike Zimmer deserves a head coaching job. I don't believe it should be with the Bengals due to Lewis' relationship with the Brown family, but he absolutely deserves a shot. The shunning of him in HC circles is our gain and their loss. Do I think this will be the year? Maybe after some of these performances against the best QBs in the league. That being said, he has had an opportunity every season and he's not getting any younger. You would think that if it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. I hope it does for his sake but I really hope it doesn't for ours because he is the key to our success.

I agree with the point that is odd he is shuned in the head coaching circle. When you see some of the people that have been given a shot, Zimmer fits the mold of a guy who has proven himself in this league.


I believe Zimmer will never be a head coach. He's too old from the owners' viewpoint. It would have happened by now.

This is the second comment about age. It is an interesting wrinkle in the decision and one I have not considered.


I really hope not haha. I believe if he were going to be a head coach it would have happened after last season. I don't believe he will end up a head coach anywhere else, and I certainly hope I'm right. If he does leave I think the defense will still be very strong, but not nearly as strong as we've seen the past couple of weeks, at least initially. I guess the biggest factor would be who he is replaced with, until we know that, it's all just guessing. He will be very hard to replace, that's for sure.

Agree, it would be hard to replace. You would not want to bring in someone that would attempt to change the culture or focus of the defense. The Bengals have a good scheme and the right personnel for the job.

West TX Bengal Fan

Zimmer's big problem is that he is rough ended and perceived as not ready to lead a franchise. Being a good coordinator and a head coach are two dramatically different things. As the head coach, a guy has to have a very sensitive side to up manage all the situations that occur. The old school guys like Parcells etc. were beginning to have problems with the change of business culture in the NFL, and Zimmer fits into that old school mold. Zimmer also has problems because he is entirely focused on defense in a very offensive heavy league. Zimmer may get his shot at some future time, but that may come only with a really bad franchise. In that case Zimmer would be smart to stay here in his current position and accept success over a limited opportunity. If Zimmer were to leave, they'd struggle to replace him. I'm not sure who it would be, but he's not a replaceable guy.

I agree he may not have the personality for being a head coach. It is not a simple transition. Look at what Dick Lebeau has been able to accomplish as a defensive coordinator and then he failed miserably as a head coach.


Mike Brown needs to do whatever it takes to keep Zimmer in town. I could live with the loss of Lewis before Zimmer. And I want Lewis in Cincy, push comes to shove though, and I'd hope the Bengals do anything necessary to keep Zimmer.