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Community Round Table: Part 3 - Tight Ends

I wanted to grab the opinion of some of the commenters on the site about 5 current Bengals topics. Here is the third round of responses.

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3. Are you disappointed with the role the tight ends have played in this offense so far?


I am disappointed in the way they have been used, not in the players. They are oozing with talent and need to be used more and in different ways.

I agree the talent is outstanding and at times we have seen the potential. The hope is they become more of a focus of this offense and not a once in a while occurrence.


I'm fine with the tight ends so far, actually.

I wonder if this is because they are performing the way you envisioned or if you think their performance is the result of someone else on the team (cough cough Dalton). I think they could be used a little more as weapons.


God, yes. On the weeks the Bengals don't use the TEs, I want to pack Gruden's bags for him. The Bengals used the TEs vs the Pats in a way that made me happy with the offensive game plan for the 1st time this season. Hoping we continue to see more utilization of the 2 TE sets in Cincy. Use the underneath game to setup the passes to Green later. The Bengals have the tools to play this type of game, they've drafted to make this happen, and it was damned frustrating to witness the 1st four game plans fail to maximize on the mismatches.

They did have some huge moments in the New England game. I also like how Gresham has become a yards after catch guy. He is making people fight to bring him down without the fumbles. Knock on wood.

West TX Bengal Fan

No. They are easing into their scheme and are slowing finding out what works. Also, remember that Tyler Eifert is a rookie and is learning the ropes. Gresham has a high athletic side but doesn't seem to be overly bright which I think holds back his upper level of performance. We should hope that we're able, however, to keep Gresham after this season because Eifert is not yet a 3-down type NFL TE.

Yes, I want to see this tandem for some time in stripes. They bring a huge upside to the offense and the position.


Yea, I am disappointed. I know they're getting a lot of targets and I know they're getting a lot of snaps, but they should be adding a level of dynamism that's still missing from this offense. 6 yard dig routes are great and all but I'm more interested in seeing Eifert down the seam. I'm more interested in PA to Eifert rolling out in the end zone. I want to see deep posts from TEs or crossing routes to give them opportunities for YAC. I want them to be used more as WRs out of the slot that can stretch the middle of the field than an outlet for a quick pass. We have seen some success in this but through the first four games, we only attempted 6 passes to TEs up the seam in 148 pass attempts. That's not enough. I don't know if it's play design, Dalton not comfortable throwing the ball between the LB/S as it does require a certain amount of touch or Dalton just not seeing the opening. Eifert and Gresham are mismatches and right now, we're not using them as such. We're using them as outlets and it frustrates me to no end.

I agree that there are not enough targets. When they have made plays in the seam (New England, Pittsburgh) they have been very successful.