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Community Round Table: Part 4 - Winning Ways

I wanted to grab the opinion of some of the commenters on the site about 5 current Bengals topics. Here is the fourth round of responses.

John Grieshop

4. If I told you preseason the Bengals would beat the Patriots, Steelers and Packers and be 3 and 2 would you have been excited?


I would have been ecstatic. I think that's what frustrates me right now. I should be thrilled, but I cannot get past the 11 offensive turnovers, the loss to the Browns, the missed opportunities and the one offensive TD in two games. We're in a great position and we won some big time games which I'm more relieved than anything, but Dalton has been notoriously terrible towards the end of the season when it gets cold and windy and I'm not seeing the level of progression I expected from the offense. That worries me and while I would have been really happy preseason, I would have hoped we did it in a more convincing offensive fashion instead of on the back of a phenomenal defense and an offense that has shown no consistency from drive to drive.

So for you it is not just the wins but the way the team performed. I get it, many fans expected better. I am one that is very happy with the wins. These are not typically the type of teams that the Bengals beat and they did. Sure, they left points on the board, gave up 30 unanswered and could have played better, but they still got the W.


I would have been thrilled! In my opinion those three organizations are model franchises. They're the types of teams that we, as Bengals fans, envy. It shows a lot of progress when the Bengals are able to beat teams like those. Then if have thought about the 3-2 and said "wait.... WE LOST TO THE FREAKIN BROWNS!?"

Yes, the Browns loss was terrible. It is a black mark on an almost spotless resume in a sense.

West TX Bengal Fan

I don't really get "excited" per se over the team's games. I enjoy watching them and analyzing them but no longer feel deep emotions about a win vs. a loss. I wasn't surprised that they lost to Chicago or the Browns, nor was I surprised that we beat the Pats, Steelers, and Pack. I wont' be surprised if we miss the playoffs, and I won't be surprised if we win a playoff game. I will be surprised if the team makes it to the AFC Championship because I don't think we have enough consistency, enough firepower at QB, or enough playmaking at WR, LB, and Safety. Those things can change, but I would still be surprised if we made to the AFC Championship (or better).

WHEN the Bengals make it there (positive thinking) I want to talk to you again West TX and see if the excitement is there. I sometimes wish I wasn't so emotionally invested in this team. I do still get very excited.


On the current record: Of course. I'm a long time Bengals fan. I get excited if the Bengals win the majority of their divisional games. Give me a season where the Bengals go 8-8, handing out 6 losses to the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens. I'll take that season and bank it with happy memories every year. Did I love the Bengals upstaging the Packers and Pats? Hell yes. I've been referring to Rodgers ever since as "Discount Double Int." And Brady's career streak ending vs the Bengals? LOL. He'll never play long enough to earn the all time record in that category now.

Palewook and I agree on these sentiments. There are certain teams I like beating more than others. Most of these teams are model franchises and give legitimacy to a Bengals team that we all think is pretty good.


In general, yes; but I've have expected Dalton to have played better given those three wins. So that tempers the excitement.

It always comes back to Dalton...