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Morning Bites (10/16): Inappropriate Crocodile Tears

Taking a look at the stories concerning the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL this Wednesday morning.

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'Your will vs. my will'
The Bengals have stood tall the past two weeks, giving nothing on six snaps from the 1, and it not only won them two games but it revealed just what has made them tick under defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

Notes: Gio making them miss; Coaches embrace Dalton
Giovani Bernard has been everything and more the Bengals wanted.

What we're not overreacting to after Week 6
Gregg Rosenthal tells fans in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, New York and Kansas City to calm down. It's for your own good.

Hot 100 seniors: Anthony Barr of UCLA rises to top of list
Gil Brandt's updated look at the Hot 100 college football seniors includes a player who moved into the top five after not making the list at the beginning of the season.

Bengals-Lions: First look
If there is an NFC equivalent to the Bengals it is the Detroit Lions. They've won only one playoff game since 1957 and have been on their own roller coaster.

Beyond the Stripes: George Iloka Sports Beyond the Stripes with Paul Daugherty presented by:, with guest Cincinnati Bengal safety Geirge Iloka from the Moerlein Lager House.

Pro Football Focus evaluations from the Bills game
Some notes and observations from Pro Football Focus after the Bengals 27-24 win over the Bills in overtime:

The New Orleans Saints celebrated too soon as the Patriots came back from the dead
Football gods punish New Orleans for premature celebration as Tom Brady rallies Patriots, TMQ says.

Jerod Mayo of New England Patriots likely out for rest of season
New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo is not expected to play again this season after undergoing surgery for a torn pectoral muscle Tuesday, according to a league source.

Should the NFL get rid of Thursday Night Football?
Lack of rest, preparation make for sloppy contests.

NFL reportedly considering adding additional Thursday games
The NFL may add additional Thursday night games in the future, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Broncos' John Fox slams Jim Irsay over Manning comments
"To me, in my opinion, they were disappointing and inappropriate," Fox said. "I mean, Peyton would never say anything. He's too classy to do that. But they sounded a little ungrateful and unappreciative to me for a guy that has set a standard, won a Super Bowl, won division titles, won four MVP awards. I'd be thankful with that one Super Bowl ring because there's a lot of people that don't have one."

Colts' Jim Irsay: No regrets releasing Peyton Manning
Jim Irsay easily remembers his conversations with Peyton Manning during the winter of 2012 when it seemed inevitable the Indianapolis Colts would part ways with their homegrown icon. Irsay and Manning put themselves in each other's shoes.

Why Andy Reid and John Dorsey’s rebuilt Kansas City Chiefs are 6-0
Tammy Reid must have hugged 30 of them. Coaches, players and front office men streamed down the red-carpeted corridor from the field to the home locker room, each reaching out for a high five or an embrace with the giddy coach’s wife/team mom in the pink jersey and blue jeans.

Joseph Fauria is dancing for Detroit Lions with early touchdown blitz
Receiving touchdowns this season: Joseph Fauria, tight end, Detroit: 5. Andre Johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Julio Jones, Vincent Jackson (combined): 4. There were 16 tight ends taken in the 2013 NFL Draft, but Fauria, the nephew of veteran NFL tight end Christian Fauria, was not one of them.

Why Agents Matter | National Football Post
Agents do the dirty work when no one is looking.

Browns fan searches for team's next QB on Craigslist
"If you can throw a ball, come apply! If you can't, come anyway! We can teach you the basics....throwing the ball to the guy who has the same color shirt as you. Throwing the ball reasonably close to a receiver that's WIDE OPEN, throwing the ball more than 3 yards on 3rd and 16. Think you got what it takes? Come on down! You're the next contestant on Cleveland Quarterbacks!"

49ers' Anquan Boldin not buying NFL's safety claims
Asked about 'League of Denial,' Boldin says: 'I think the league is covering their butt'

Tomlin tells players to stop somersaulting
"There will be no more somersault-into-the-end-zone celebrations," Tomlin said, according to Bob Labriola of Steelers digest. "There is the potential for injury. That simple."

NFL's best and worst quarterbacks this season
We're in the golden age of quarterbacking in the NFL. At no point in history have there been this many capable and competent quarterbacks across so many teams in the NFL. A combination of rules changes, an influx of talent, improvement in offensive strategy and a greater understanding of the game by young players has led to some really fun to watch football.

Matt Schaub of Houston Texans disappointed some fans cheered injury
Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub wasnt initially aware that some fans cheered his injury in the third quarter of Sundays game against the St. Louis Rams. But, made aware later, the situation disappointed him.

Ben Roethlisberger: Cheering of Matt Schaub injury by Houston Texans fans sickening
Ben Roethlisberger defended embattled Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub on Tuesday, calling extreme fan reaction to the latters recent struggles sickening.