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Fan Poll: Will We See A Dirty Play From Ndamukong Suh This Sunday?

The fierce Detroit Lions defensive tackle has gained a reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. Do you think we'll see another notch in his belt this Sunday against the Bengals?


Dirty plays, cheap shots, cleats to groins and after-the-whistle penalties. Oh, let's not forget Pro Bowl defensive tackle. The Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh is one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL. He can be a dominant player, but his temper and wild bronco attitude has gotten him into hot water with the league. In fact, just this season, Suh was fined another $100,000.

Ironically, when the Bengals travel to Detroit this weekend, it will be a reunion of sorts. In Andy Dalton's first game as a professional quarterback, he took a vicious hit from Suh when his reputation was just gaining ground. Since that preseason opener back in 2011, Suh has collected numerous fines for a variety of questionable plays.

In case you're wondering if the Bengals remember that preseason hit from Suh a few years ago. Just hear it from one of the team captains in offensive tackle, Andrew Whitworth (via

"(Suh) kind of had a cheap hit on Andy. It is what it was. It was a young team in that situation for the first time. It's been a growing process for us. We've come a long way from there and we have a lot of new faces. It'll be great to go back there and have an opportunity to do well."

"I don't know what a dirty player is. He's not any dirtier than guys that played the game back in the day. The real truth is he plays the game in an era when there's a TV camera covering every possible thing on the field and a lot that stuff gets put on film, so people know about it," Whitworth said.

"I think he plays the game on a borderline level where he plays with a lot of intensity and sometimes it carries over into the other stuff. I don't know that there are a lot of guys that play that way where it doesn't happen sometimes. I'm not going to create some huge thing about him. It has happened to him and he's a good football player and if some of that disappears people will know him more just how good of a football player he is."

So, we will ask you: do you think that we will see a dirty play from Suh this Sunday? If so, do you have a prediction on what that dirty play might be? Vote and sound off--in the meantime, enjoy a Suh greatest hits in the video below. It includes the Dalton hit for your enjoyment.