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Week 4 fantasy football recap for Bengals players

The Bengals looked about as awful in fantasy football as they did on the field.

Jason Miller

Every week I review how Bengals players perform in fantasy football. I typically look forward to the recaps because it allows me to solely focus on the Bengals - something I don't often get while writing for SB Nation's fantasy football blog. I'm able to digest the game from a different perspective. There are fantasy football owners all over the country that have no interest in how Cincinnati plays. They just want their player to score them points. On one hand, that's a shame, but I get it. I don't expect fantasy owners to all of a sudden become dedicated Bengals followers because they own BenJarvus Green-Ellis. On the other hand, I enjoy looking at the Bengals through the lens of a fantasy football owner. I like that we own "weapons" for fans that otherwise wouldn't follow the Cincinnati Bengals.

On Sunday, the Bengals disappointed fantasy owners.

Typically, I'll break down who struggled and who performed. No one really performed. The biggest fantasy performer was Giovani Bernard with 75 all-purpose yards, but that barely cracked the top-30 fantasy performances by running backs unless you're in a PPR league.

As many Cincinnati fans know, there were no touchdowns against the Browns. A.J. Green has fallen out of the top-10 wide receivers in fantasy. If there was ever a time to buy low on Green, it's right now. Of course, you can gamble on Green struggling against New England and possibly prey upon his fantasy owner in a week, but Green hasn't been able to string together any strong fantasy performances yet this season. Consider pursuing Green if his owner is weak at other positions. Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert haven't been able to separate themselves in fantasy football, and Sunday was no exception. BenJarvus Green-Ellis only managed 13 rushing yards and nothing else. Andy Dalton was the 30th best quarterback in most leagues. There was simply not much to work with in terms of Bengals players in fantasy football. Even Cincinnati's defense was pedestrian.

There isn't much I can recommend grabbing off of the waiver wire. Any owners of Bengals players are pretty much stuck with their players unless they're getting any unusually fair deals for A.J. Green. I don't know that it's time to sell high on Giovani Bernard. He'll have plenty of strong performances ahead of him. However, watch out for other owners trying to trade for Bernard. They'll likely offer less than he's worth until the rest of the offense puts in a better performance.

As usual, I'll run through some sit/start advice leading up to Week 5. In the meantime, be sure to check out Nick Seuberling and I every Sunday morning as we take a look at fantasy decisions worth making around the NFL.

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