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Marvin Lewis sent Jermaine Gresham to the locker room to cool off

Unfortunately his emotional outburst against the Detroit Lions hurt the Bengals on Sunday.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

When Jermaine Gresham famously "removed" an official's calming hand, it drew a personal foul that stalled Cincinnati's possession that should have resulted in points. Instead, the Bengals were pushed back and Mike Nugent failed to convert the 47-yard field goal.

Not long after that, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis told Gresham to leave for the locker room to cool off. It's the first time that that has been acknowledged; though it was more or less a foregone conclusion.

"He was frustrated in the first half. He didn't have any (targets), as well he should be, but the second half he came out with a bang and made some big plays," Gruden said. "He's emotional. Every team has them. We just have to understand that he's a great competitor. He wants the ball and he wants to be great. Sometimes he gets frustrated when he's not a focal point. If he was somewhere he probably would be the focal point, however we have some other guys worthy of the ball. You just have to understand that his role as a tight end is what it is. He'll be fine."

I've always said that an emotion Gresham is great for Cincinnati's offense; despite the risk of his overreactions. But I'll be honest; I've never realized that he was that emotional. Gresham, who has already been to two Pro Bowls, is only the fifth tight end in franchise history to reach 200 career receptions.