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Bengals Vs. Jets - Questions with Gang Green Nation

I chat up the Jets and Bengals matchup by trading questions with John at the SBN blog GangGreenNation

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I had a chance to ask John from GangGreenNation (@GangGreenNation) 5 questions about the upcoming game with the Jets. Below are his answers.

I have to start with Geno Smith. Are you happy with what you see from him so far? Is the job his or is there still a threat of someone else taking over the starting gig?

The job is Geno's for now. There have been ups and downs. He has turned it over in six of seven games and there have been multiple turnovers in five of those seven. A lot of these are really ugly ones too. He's also added a big play dimension on the offense. He's been one of the best deep throwers in the game, and PFF says he's tied with Peyton Manning for most completions in the league that travel at least 20 yards. That's impressive when you consider his suspect receiving corps. There aren't many guys on this team who can get consistent separation so a lot of these completions have been Geno throwing lasers. Whether he is the long-term answer is not clear. There are things he has to clean up and improve upon, but he has definitely shown enough for the Jets to ride with him for the rest of the season and see where it leads.

The Bengals and Jets both held Tom Brady to zero passing touchdowns. Is this game going to be won on the ground and who will be the primary back for the Jets?

Chris Ivory got the bulk of the carries against the Patriots, but the Jets have a two man rotation between he and Bilal Powell. Ivory is more of a battering ram, while Powell is more shifty. I think Powell is going to see a lot more time this week because he is vastly superior in pass protection, and the Jets are going to need to give their rookie quarterback help against an imposing Bengals front.

I think Muhammad Wilkerson could play a major role in this game. Tell Bengals fans a little about him and how good he is.

Wilkerson is one of the best defensive linemen in the league. He had a breakout 2012, and people are finally starting to take notice. He rarely comes off the field and consistently wins his assignment. The Jets are nominally a 3-4 base defense so Wilkerson primarily plays the five technique, but the Jets mix up their fronts a lot. You will see Wilkerson all over the place. He'll play both at end and the three technique when the Jets play 4-3, and you'll see him line up over the ball on passing downs. He's a very versatile guy who can wreck the opponent's run game and generate a pass rush.

What matchup are you most confident about for the Jets?

I think the Bengals are going to have a lot of trouble covering Jeremy Kerley out of the slot after Leon Hall's injury. It's a tough spot for Cincy because they are still feeling their way through the situation. Kerley had big third down catch after big third down catch last week.

What scares you about the Bengals?

The talent they have up front on defense makes me nervous. The Jets' offensive line has been inconsistent, and Geno Smith has a tendency to hold onto the ball for too long and take bad sacks.