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Marvin Jones introduces himself to the world

I have been a Marvin Jones fan from day one. I liked him in the draft and love his play of late.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

He is probably the hottest guy on the waiver wire in fantasy leagues all across the country today. After touchdowns in in the last 4 games (including 4 yesterday) he is going to get some notice now. This is a great thing for a Bengals offense who sees A.J. Green in double coverage almost constantly.

I had a chance to hang out with Marvin Jones on two different occasions and I have told many people he is one of my favorite Bengals. The first was when I had the opportunity to play a flag football tournament with 20 current Bengals and the second was at the beginning of this pre-season at an event at Paul Brown. What stuck out the most is that Jones remembered who I was and we picked up conversations we had in our first meeting. A humble, family guy who genuinely cared about his fans.

One interesting note in our first conversation was that Jones had never seen snow. He was excited to live in snow and wondered about playing in it. In the second conversation he told me he was already over driving in it. On the field there are heaters and the players are able to stay fairly comfortable, on the roads, they deal with the same crap we all do.

Let's look a little deeper into Marvin Jones.

Jones played his college ball at California. He was a good receiver for Cal putting his name in the recordbooks ranking in the top 10 in receptions, yards and touchdowns. He also returned punts his senior season.

A 5th round pick for the Bengals many wondered what his role on the team would be. When we debated after the draft if he could fill the role as a number 2 wide receiver, these are some of the thoughts we gathered:

Joe Goodberry
"WR: Marvin Jones, California (Round 2-3)
Jones has almost every attribute I look for in a WR; body control, quickness in and out of breaks, good hands, great ball skills and deceptive speed. He's one of the safest WR prospects in this draft."

Mel Kiper Jr.
He has the talent of a second-round pick, but a knee injury probably dropped him on some boards. Still, he has good size (6-foot-2, 200 pounds) and sub-4.5 speed, and could end up beating out fellow rookie Mohamed Sanu for the No. 2 WR spot across from A.J. Green. That's a good camp battle to watch.

Scout Inc
Adjusts to the throw well, extends his arms and knows how to go up and make a play even when in battle with a corner. Displays good concentration and has the ability to come down with some tough grabs while contorting his body.

In the past several weeks we have seen what Jones can offer this team. Sure, 4 touchdown games are not going to come every week. But, they are a reminder to defensive coordinators what can happen when you focus a little too much on number 18.

As of now, the number 2 receiver may still be a rotation for the Bengals. However Marvin Jones has made it clear that getting him involved in the offense is something the Bengals must do. I look forward to see how his play of late opens up the playbook as the season progresses.