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Jack Hoffman scores his greatest victory yet

Jack Hoffman became a national sensation after scoring a touchdown during a spring scrimmage last year.

Jack Hoffman and Rex Burkhead at the White House
Jack Hoffman and Rex Burkhead at the White House
NY Daily News

Eight-year old Nebraska fan, Rex Burkhead fan and (as a result) newest Bengals fan, Jack Hoffman scored his biggest victory yet. According to his family, Hoffman's pediatric brain cancer has gone into remission. Chemotherapy treatments, over the course of 60 weeks, "not only stopped his tumor from growing, but also shrank it," writes the Omaha World-Herald.

Andy Hoffman said Friday that he's "cautiously optimistic" about his son's prognosis.

"We're so incredibly thankful that the chemo seems to have done its job, and the tumor is stable. Hopefully, it's knocked out for good," he said.

Jack's recovery will include an MRI every three months to monitor his tumor for about a year. If the scans are clean, the MRIs will be returned to twice a year, and eventually an annual checkup. Doctors are already planning on removing Hoffman's chemo port "that helped administer chemotherapy treatments."