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Adam Jones trial continued to Tuesday

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones appeared in court on Monday, assaulted of assaulting a woman at a local bar earlier this summer.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones returned to court on Monday after being accused and charged with assaulting a 34-year old woman at a local bar in back in June; the trial was originally scheduled for Aug. 19. The assault charge leveled against Jones is the highest misdemeanor in Ohio, which carries a maximum of 180 days at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Jones is accused of assaulting Shannon Wesley, 34, at a local bar after striking the woman. Jones claimed that it was self-defense as Wesley approached Jones with a beer bottle. During the video, someone is hanging with Jones and eventually guides him away after the incident broke out. That person has also been identified as Bengals cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris, who will be a key witness for Jones.

A few tweets from opening statements, courtesy of Kimball Perry with the Cincinnati Enquirer. Cincinnati prosecutor Christopher Ryan.

Ralph Kohnen, recently hired after Jones fired his former attorney more than a week ago:

Prosecution began by calling one of their ten witnesses, Brooke Boling, who is a friend of Wesley's.

Jones' attorney attempted to discredit Boling, asking how much she drank that night and if Wesley was left or right handed. The prosecutors second witness was another friend of Wesley's, Christina Caruso.

Amanda Wesley, Shannon's sister followed Caruso, confirming mostly what the other witnesses said.

Nick Trotta, who works security at FB's, heard screams and confirmed that Jones was "a regular customer of the bar" and said that he sees him there every week for about two years.

The Judge took a break at 3 p.m., but the trial was eventually continued until Tuesday. According to Perry, the trial will be continued.

Make sure you follow Kimball Perry on twitter, who is tweeting from the courtroom @kimballperry.