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NFL Power Rankings 2013: Bengals Land At No. 6 at SBN

Power Rankings are going out and saturating the internet like they do every Tuesday. We're keeping our eye out for you.

Jared Wickerham

The internet favors the Cincinnati Bengals right now. Trends are up and those warm feelings of joy are beating back the divisive angst and martyred sensationalism (aka, losing to the Browns). That's what happens when the 2-2 Cincinnati Bengals adds a third win over the undefeated New England Patriots; continuing a campaign against other teams that we've named "Wreck Your Team" since in our inaugural season in '06.

In one 60-minute frame, the Bengals forced the Patriots to ask, are we so short-handed at wide receiver that we're sending Nate Solder on a pass in the endzone? Andrew Whitworth would have sealed the touchdown, but that's what you get with Pro Bowl offensive tackles in Cincinnati; a right of passage so to speak.

Still, the internet favors the Bengals right now.

SB Nation's weekly power rankings have the Bengals jumping New England at No. 6 -- better than Baltimore (No. 8), Houston (No. 12), Cleveland (No. 19), and Pittsburgh (No. 29). No, that's not an error. The Steelers and Browns are on the opposite ends of their usual rankings over the past year. The three AFC teams listed about Cincinnati? Denver (No. 1), Indianapolis (No. 4) and Kansas City (No. 5).