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Jones trial update: Wesley testifies, both sides test, decision will be made Tuesday

Both sides have finished and closing arguments were made. A decision will be handed out on Tuesday, per Judge Taylor.

Andy Lyons

Shannon Wesley, the woman that Bengals cornerback Adam Jones assaulted, took the stand on Tuesday, recounting the events that led to Jones being charged with assault earlier this summer. Most of her recollection is similar to everyone's story that testified on Monday, confirming that Jones made fun of Brooke Boling's hair -- Boling is Wesley's friend and one of several that testified for the prosecution.

When Wesley confronted Jones, she said 'He said f*** you, bitch. I'm not even talking to you." After asking him to leave, Wesley said "I asked him to leave us alone."

After being advised that she could be charged with a crime for admitting that she poured the beer on Jones, she testified exactly that, saying "I reached out and poured my beer on his arm and his shoulder."

"The bouncer escorted Mr. Jones to his car so he could leave," she said.

Wesley testified that she didn't know who Jones was until after the incident, to which the defense countered, "How many street bums do you know that have gaudy watches with lots of diamonds."

When asked in retrospect if pouring beer on Jones was a mistake, she offered a "I suppose" but thought it would end the confrontation,then adding that she was "trying to get in front of her sister to protect her."

They showed the video multiple times, which is what the defense is largely relying on for their case.

Following Wesley was Detective Robin Upchurch with the Cincinnati Police department, who testified that Jones never reported the assault, despite Jones now claiming that he was hit.

Both sides are closing their arguments and a decision will be made on Tuesday.

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