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Bengals in top 10% of NFL in cheap beer

Not only are the Bengals one of the better teams in the NFL this season. They also offer some of the cheapest suds around in an NFL stadium.

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Otto Greule Jr

A new study put together by the people at investment website says the Bengals are tied for the sixth-cheapest beer in the NFL.

According to the article the Bengals offer a 12oz beer for $5. I have not found this magical beer, but they assure us it exists.

A revelation like this flies in the face of a greedy owner who attempts to pinch every cent from the fans and is only concerned with profits. Think of the generosity of an organization that allows its fans to partake in the swill of the stadium for a mere 42 cents an ounce.


According to the crack reporting of Steve Watkins from the BizJournal the Bengals actually offer a 14oz beer for the 5 dollar price. That is a 36 cents an ounce offering. This is unbelievable. This puts the Bengals at number 3 overall in the price of the wonderful beverage.

Perhaps these prices contribute to the need for the jerk line?

In all seriousness the Bengals are possibly tied with other teams for the 3rd cheapest beer. The interesting part is that the prices all come from separate vendors so it seems like this is a good price point for a beer at an NFL game.

It's nice that this season the Bengals are undefeated at home. So the 5 dollars you spend on the "cheap" beer is in celebration as opposed to drowning your sorrows. In the 1990's I think the stadium could have charged 35 dollars a beer and fans would have needed it to wash down the product on the field.

Armed with this new information, I expect one of you to charge out and find the location of the 5 dollar beer in PBS. The person that gets back to me with that information may in fact win a 5 dollar beer.

Just promise me you won't be this guy:

Editor's Note (aka, Josh): That's actually Mickey. Sorry, chief.