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Precision Play of the Week: Hail to the Green

The Cincinnati Bengals are down by a touchdown at midfield with only two seconds remaining.

Patrick Smith

Two seconds remain in regulation when Andy Dalton spikes the ball after taking a quarterback sack, pushing the offense from the Ravens 44-yard line back across midfield. The Cincinnati Bengals are losing 17-10. Fans lower their heads in bitter disappointment. It was a collective sigh for the eventual dissection that would highlight the feeling of hopelessness using the shield of anger against a specific quarterback.

What could the Bengals possibly do at this point? The story has been recorded by many teams through many games over many seasons. It was fourth-and-15 but that didn't matter. The game would be decided one way or the other.

Kyle Cook snaps the football and Andy Dalton sends the prayer of prayers (click on the picture if the animation doesn't work automatically for you).


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