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The Experience of a Lifetime

The Kinney's document their experiences at Paul Brown Stadium.

Remember Brian and Steve Kinney?

Steve is a life-long Bengals fan who had never been to a Bengals game in his life. Brian, his son, gave his father tickets to a game; the first in his life. If the story had ended there, it would have been great. What continued to happen was even more amazing.

Not only did they watch a game, Steve and Brian were treated as VIPs with the best welcome that the Bengals could offer. After having dinner with Bob Bedinghaus (director of business development) and Jeff Berding (director of sales and public affairs) that had a chance to sit in on a team meeting... and then TALK to the entire team. Based on the video that Carlos Dunlap filmed, Steve was not only speaking from the heart, but from every heart that bleeds orange.

They had the experience of a life time. Brian documented their experiences in this awesome video.