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Tentative opponents for the 2014 Cincinnati Bengals

The curious-mind takes a quick look at Cincinnati's tentative opponents for next season -- assuming everything stays as it is in the standings.

John Grieshop

While reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, the Sports Illustrated veteran points out that the ballyhooed Peyton Manning and Tom Brady bowl is scheduled for another re-match next year due to the NFL's scheduling formula (AFC West and East play each other).

Of course, my mind immediately navigates to the Bengals, thinking, well, what's our 2014 schedule look like. I have to offer the disclaimer for the righteous that will say, "this year isn't over yet" or "let's worry about this year", as if our postings haven't always had a random feel for them for the past seven years (going on eight). We're just curious.

Cincinnati's schedule next year features the NFC South and the AFC South, as well as two games against each AFC North opponent. The final two games will be against teams finishing in first place in the AFC West and the AFC East -- assuming everyone including the Bengals finish the regular season in first place. If the season were to end today, those teams would be the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

Tentative 2014 opponents

Denver Broncos* New England Patriots*
Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns