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Morning Bites (11/26): Bengals news and links

Taking a look at the stories around the internet concerning the Bengals and the NFL.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

A month of Sundays to decide it for Bengals
Nickel back Chris Crocker, one of 10 Bengals on the roster trying to reach the playoffs for the fourth time in the last five years, has an idea about his winter wonderland.

Monday update: Maualuga, Still, Crocker working
It looks like the Bengals are well on their way to being at full strength for Sunday's game at San Diego.

Cincinnati Bengals DT Devon Still returns to practice - ESPN
Just before the Cincinnati Bengals took off on their bye week, coach Marvin Lewis expressed optimism last Wednesday that his team would be at its healthiest point in about six weeks when it returned from the time off.

Turnovers come at high price for Bengals
Jay Gruden and the offense used the weekend off self-scouting to take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of his offense. Of course, Gruden didn't need to hear from defensive coaches to know the primary area of concern regarding his offense the last three weeks.

Vincent Rey preps for scaled-down role - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
One look at my mentions on Twitter the past few weeks and it has become painfully obvious that Cincinnati Bengals fans only want one guy to play middle linebacker for their team the rest of the year: Vincent Rey.

Next three weeks will be pivotal for Bengals
With December just around the calendar bend, the Cincinnati Bengals are preparing for football's version of a postseason pennant chase. "It's all about winning in December," Bengals cornerback Chris Crocker said.

Sanu, Jones looking for better down the stretch
Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu have been good. Like the rest of the Bengals offense, they expect better.

Peyton Manning falls to Tom Brady for 10th time in 14 meeting
The Broncos’ locker room felt like it was operating in slow motion, as if the final score would somehow change if everyone lingered long enough.

Bill Belichick understands NFL overtime; Green Bay Packers do not
Before the 2012 season, the NFL voted to bring the postseason overtime rules to the regular season. Those postseason rules, implemented after the New Orleans Saints had the unmitigated gall to force Brett Favre from a Super Bowl berth in the 2009 NFC Championship game, gave each team a chance to score unless the first team to possess the ball scored a touchdown on its initial possession.

Nightmare season for Robert Griffin III gets worse in Redskins' loss to 49ers
Robert Griffin has struggled through much of 2013, but his season may have hit a new low on Monday.

Going GRUDEN, or in pursuit of the ultimate NFL coach schedule
John Harbaugh documented his manic, couch-sleeping work week for ESPN. We see some room for improvement, and have a proposal for how he and other NFL coaches can do more.

NFL players of the week: Philip Rivers shines, Knowshon Moreno makes a statement
It took the better part of the season, but it's time to really appreciate Philip Rivers. The Chargers quarterback has quickly become an NFL Swiss Army knife, who offers not only some of the league's best GIFs, but happens to be the best quarterback nobody seems to talk about. In Week 12 he was the best passer in the NFL, and it wasn't close.

Minnesota uses 'Dramatic Chipmunk' to distract Wisconsin kicker
The really distracting thing should be the hazy Gopher/Chipmunk taxonomy issue at stake here.