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Devon Still wearing padded brace on elbow

As defensive tackle Devon Still returns from a dislocated elbow last month, he'll be wearing a brace for the rest of the season.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering a dislocated elbow last month against the Detroit Lions, Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is emerging from his rehabilitation to practice for the first time on Monday, and without much difficulties. Since the session was mostly a walk-through, the bigger test will come on Wednesday, when the team goes back to a regular practice.

"I really need to get into a full load of practice," Still said via ESPN. "Probably Wednesday when we put on the pads, I'll see how it feels with full contact. But [Monday], I didn't have any problems with it."

According to the report, Still will be wearing a "padded brace for the foreseeable future" that's prohibiting him from straightening his arm entirely. As long as everything goes well, the second-year defensive tackle expects to re-enter the rotation behind starters Domata Peko and Brandon Thompson.

"D.P. and Brandon have been taking most of the reps," Still said. "So I know they're tired out there. It's good to have somewhat of a rotation back in place."