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NFL Week 9 Schedule, Kickoff Times and TV Channel

Taking a look at what's available in the NFL on Sunday.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

With the Bengals playing on Thursday night football, our Sunday is completely free to watch whatever we want; meaning we can watch whatever NFL games that we want (and not a seven-hour knitting show). Honestly, it's nice to have a mini-like bye week where we can relax for an entire weekend. Which games will broadcast in Cincinnati today?

CBS has the double-header and we're getting two games of decent interest. In the early CBS game, Cincinnati has the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. On the Fox single-header, Cincinnati gets the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets.

In the last afternoon game, mostly the entire state of Ohio won't get the national game between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Instead, we're getting a divisional match-up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens to do some scouting.

And of course, there's the Red Zone network where you'll get the highlights of every game as they happen, including live look-ins when teams are getting ready to score.

Here's the schedule in Cincinnati.

1:00 p.m: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills (CBS)
1:00 p.m: New Orleans Saints at New York Jets (FOX)
4:25 p.m: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (CBS)
8:30 p.m: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans (NBC)