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Monday thoughts - turn the page edition

There is sour taste in the mouth of Bengals fans. One that is compounded by the fact that not only did they lose, they lost their best defender for the season.

Mike Ehrmann

We have talked about it a bunch since Thursday. The drops, the interceptions, the play calling, the execution and the injuries. The question now is where do the Bengals go from here?

Josh talked about Brandon Thompson and I tend to agree. The kid has a huge opportunity to shine with the injury to Geno Atkins. It could also provide the defensive line a breath of fresh area with a new energy on the line. I have full confidence in Mike Zimmer that he will adjust as needed.

So as fans, what do we need to do? The most important thing is keep perspective. The NFL is an any given Sunday league. So far the team has shown us they are in the upper half of good football teams this season. All teams stumble. Denver has a blemish, the Saints just lost to the Jets and the Seahawks needed overtime to beat a win-less Tampa team at home.

The same perspective needs to be kept on individual players. Based on the got reaction on Twitter, the Bengals should be playing this week with Andy Dalton and Mohamed Sanu on the bench. Fans are so quick to overlook the stretch that got Dalton awarded the AFC player of the month honors to focus on the performance in Miami. It was bad, and was a step back but it wasn't the norm.

The Bengals are in a spot that every team wants to be in. They control their own destiny. The team needs to forget what happened in Miami all together. They can right the ship with a win against Baltimore and keep the 2 game lead in the division.

The Bengals are going to need to flip to the part of the playbook where the offense carries the defense. The two best defenders to start the season are now done for the year. If the first half of the season was the defense keeping the team in games, the second will need to be the offense getting leads and resting the defense.

The talent is there, the execution needs to happen.