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Fan Poll: Have Browns Leapfrogged Ravens As Biggest AFC North Threat To Bengals?

The AFC North has become a wacky division and none of the four teams are truly playing high-quality football at the moment. The Bengals have the inside track on the division crown, but the Browns are slowly emerging as a threat--are they the biggest one in the division?

Jason Miller

When the Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, it placed them in second place in the AFC North by a full game. They still sit behind the Bengals who are in first place by two games, who stand at 6-3. Even though the Ravens have time to make up ground, the question remains on who is officially the biggest threat to the Bengals and their run to the division crown.

A few things are going in Cleveland's favor at the moment. Quarterback Jason Campbell, who was appointed the starting quarterback two weeks ago, is 1-1 and has thrown five touchdowns against zero interceptions in those games. The defense terrorized Joe Flacco all game long on Sunday and the entire team seems to be reinvigorated. They also beat the Bengals at home, which was a major hiccup by Cincinnati. Their current 2-1 record against the AFC North is better than Cincinnati's 1-1 record.

The Ravens, on the other hand, are still the Ravens. They are the reigning Super Bowl champs and have one of the best front offices in the NFL. Though they haven't looked the same in 2013, Baltimore doesn't know anything other than going to the postseason under John Harbaugh, as he has taken the team there in each of his first five seasons. Though they are at 3-5, one hot streak (especially if that were to start this Sunday when the host the Bengals) could put them right back into the hunt.

With the Steelers now at 2-6, it appears that the biggest threats are Cleveland and Baltimore. Has Cleveland become the bigger threat for Cincinnati this season? Or, will the Browns become the team that we've seen wilt so many times since their re-inception and allow the Ravens to creep into the picture?