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Andrew Whitworth: 'Job of the leader is to stop it'

Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth reflects on what's happening in Miami's locker room.


What's happening in the Miami Dolphins locker room is troubling. Without going into too much detail, Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin is accusing Rich Incognito of bullying, according to one report.

Multiple sources told FOX Sports the Miami Dolphins and the NFL Players Association have been told guard Richie Incognito sent Martin text messages and left him voicemails that are both threatening and racially charged in nature. Sources said those messages will be shared with the league as part of the investigation.

This story has absorbed the NFL community, headlining virtually every program, including Monday Night Countdown where most of the panel emotionally questioned how this could even happen.

In Cincinnati's locker room, it won't. Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth will make sure of it.

"That’s never happened here," Andrew Whitworth said via the Cincinnati Enquirer. "But if it’s a rookie dinner or something like that and you feel somebody’s maybe pushing it too far or making it where it’s almost personal, that’s really the fine line. The fine line is it’s fun and it’s all in good jest and then as soon as it crossed the line that this could be deemed as personal, it’s your job as a leader of that team to stop it."

It's not just Whitworth either; this entire team is filled with leaders; something Marvin Lewis has been extremely proud about with this roster.