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Morning Bites (11/15): Bengals, NFL news and links

Taking a look at the stories surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL.

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Whitworth: Cincy free of Incognito hazing situation
"Guys have egos and it’s a very manly sport," Crocker said. "It’s a Gladiator sport. Guys don’t want to stand down. You fight until the death, so to speak. That’s where it’s really tough to say, ‘Alright, this guy’s had enough, I’m going to leave him alone.’

Notes: Miami drama surprises locker room leaders
The Bengals put defensive tackle Geno Atkins on season-ending injured reserve and had the contract of Christo Bilukidi voided.

The Walkthrough: State of AFC North Edition
The Bengals preparations for this week’s game at Baltimore begin to ramp up today as players return to practice. Considering what happened in Cleveland yesterday, they are in better shape.

The Morning Line, 11/4, Don’t sweat the L in Miami
The Miami L wasnt calamitous at all. Unless you feel it shows The Men still arent ready for the big time. That might be the case. Or it might just be the NFL. You want consistency. Who’s consistent? Chiefs, who have the world’s easiest schedule. Broncos, who can be blown out, same as anyone else. Pats, who are better now that Gronk is back, but still arent vintage.

Bengals in 'desperation game' mode
Michael Johnson was a little caught off guard by the question. So much so that when he blurted out his response, his voice went up an octave and one or two decibel points.

Game With a Cop big hit out of the box
The Bengals and Reds have teamed up for another community double play and the first event was turned neatly during the Bengals' 49-9 victory over the Jets at Paul Brown Stadium.

NFL personnel question 'coward' Jonathan Martin for not challenging Richie Incognito
If the evidence is factual, Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is a racist, a bully and one of the lower forms of life known to man. He's alleged to have sent racial slurs to teammate Jonathan Martin via text and voicemail and even gone so far as to threaten the life of the second-year offensive lineman.

John Fox's hiatus won't impact Denver Broncos' focus
The news that Broncos coach John Fox requires aortic valve replacement surgery, causing him to miss several weeks coaching the Broncos, is concerning to a vast NFL network of coaches, front office and media. Indeed, there may be no person in the NFL with more friends in the business.

Aaron Rodgers suffers shoulder injury, does not return vs. Bears
Rodgers injury is reportedly a fractured collarbone and the quarterback could miss up to three weeks -- or possibly more.

Report: Jay Cutler 'plans to start' Week 10 for Bears
When Bears QB Jay Cutler went down against the Redskins two weeks ago it looked like the groin injury he suffered could keep him out for at least four weeks. That timeline could reportedly be sped up drastically.

Eric Rivera Jr. convicted of second-degree murder of Sean Taylor, former Washington Redskins safety
A South Florida jury has convicted a 23-year-old man of second-degree murder in the 2007 killing of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor during a botched home burglary.

Gary Kubiak of Houston Texans in hospital
Those in touch with Gary Kubiak's family said Monday morning that the Houston Texans' coach is feeling good after he collapsed at halftime of his team's game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night.

Report: Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke
Texans head coach Gary Kubiak left Sunday Night Football after requiring medical attention during halftime. Kubiak suffered a mini-stroke according to a report and could be back with the Texans in short order.

Ex-NFL QB Gannon recalls scaled shakedown of rookies
Former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon says reports of alleged financial hazing of Miami Dolphins rookies didn't surprise him -- he recalls an Oakland Raiders locker room in which veterans shook down rookies

Rex Ryan's job still isn't safe
The Jets' general manager refrained from committing to Rex Ryan as the team's head coach past this season.