Thoughts on Sunday Night game and current state of team.

1. It sucks to lose like that on National TV, and give the critics who don't believe in you, the chance to say you are not any good... and the chance to disregard you as a team. But in the end the final word on the season will be decided on the field, and not by public opinion. The Bengals stil have a chance to accomplish significant strides, such as winning the AFC North, and a playoff game.

2. I have concern on the Defensive line, guys like Dunlap, Peko, MJ, have all had to play more snaps than usual, due to abscence of depth. Geathers always kept Dunlap fresh, and of course we have no Atkins in the middle... I hope these guys are not getting worn down, because they are the key to the team, and without them playing well, the back end of the defense will get exposed (much like any team will without an effective rush). I know Zim is a great coach, but we have a lot of substitute parts out there right now in the back 7.

3. The offense didn't play that great yesterday, but they never really do against Pittsburgh and Dick Lebeau, and if there was one team you didn't want to get behind 21-0 on, it was Pittsburgh.... because Lebeau is never going to let you have the big plays, and you have to be patient underneath, which runs the clock... with the defense not creating any turnovers or field position, it was going to be too much to overcome.... I think overall the offense is in good shape at the moment though, and much better off than 2011 or 2012 at this point in the year.

4. Will certainly feel better if Detroit can beat Baltimore on Monday night, which would cut Bengals magic number to 1, and they could clinch division at home against Minnesota... and if Baltimore can beat N.E, then #2 seed would be in Bengal's control if they win out.

5. I am usually an optimist, and still am hopeful for a Super Bowl run, but if they can't make it this year, I think it is very important to win out at home, and win at least the Wildcard matchup against possibly Miami. Overall there is no reason not to believe both on offense and defense, they will be better next year, with injured players back... but I think very important to at least make it to divisional round, and get the playoff win monkey off their back, as well as notch an AFC North title with it.... They are capable of more than that, but at least need to accomplish that much.

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