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NFL Power Rankings - Week 16

Every week I take a look at all the teams and try and decide who is better than the rest.


Well the Bengals laid an egg this week and still remain one of the toughest teams to rank in the top. They have some quality wins and also some head scratching losses. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Team Record Rank Reason Previous Ranking
Seahawks 12-2 1 It was the Giants, but a shutout on the road is a good win for the Seahawks. 1
49ers 10-4 2 There is some really good defense in the NFC this year. 5
Broncos 11-3 3 They looked flat in San Diego and need to turn it around or risk getting passed in their division. 2
Chiefs 11-3 4 Jamal Charles had 20 yds rushing but 195 yds receiving. Oakland had no answer. 4
Saints 10-4 5 All the Saints losses are on the road and they may have to play on the road in January. 3
Panthers 10-4 6 I love when players call out teams and then get smacked down. Way to open your mouth Santonio Holmes. 6
Bengals 9-5 7 Sigh, laid an egg against the Steelers. Fans wondered last week why they were not ranked higher. It's because there is no consistency here. 7
Patriots 10-4 8 Not enough luck / magic to come back late once again. 9
Cardinals 9-5 9 At 9-5 they are third in their division and on the outside looking in for the playoffs. 10
Colts 9-5 10 The Colts finally win but it was against the 2 win Texans. 11
Ravens 8-6 11 Don't look now but the Ravens could take the division and the playoffs from Cincinnati in the final week. 16
Dolphins 8-6 12 The Dolphins have become major players in the wildcard talk for the AFC. 12
Eagles 8-6 13 Tough loss to Minnesota's third string running back. 8
Chargers 7-7 14 Must win against the Broncos and they pull it out. Rivers is playing very good football. 15
Bears 8-6 15 Cutler tossed a couple picks in his return but the Bears were able to beat the Browns in the end. 14
Steelers 6-8 16 A cheap shot on the Bengals punter was weak but other than that the Steelers out muscled the Bengals. 18
Lions 7-7 17 They lost to 6 field goals on Monday night in a game they were favored by 5.5. 13
Cowboys 7-7 18 Romo may be a good fantasy quarterback, but he is a terrible field general. 17
Packers 7-6-1 19 Huge comeback win for Flynn and the Packers against the Cowboys. 20
Rams 6-8 20 The Rams either win big or lose big. This week it was a big win agains the Saints. 21
Jets 6-8 27 Sheldon Richardson with the touchdown run. Yes, defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. 19
Titans 5-9 22 A chance to knock of the Cardinals was spoiled in overtime. 23
Vikings 4-9-1 23 Surprise win over the Eagles when your star player is out and so is his backup. 27
Buccaneers 4-10 24 Mike Glennon's return to earth has been a hard landing. 24
Giants 5-9 25 Eli Manning was trying to complete more passes to the Seahawks than to his own guys. 22
Bills 5-9 26 This team looked better than 5-9 in the first half of the season. 25
Browns 4-10 27 Josh Gordon rewarded fantasy owners late in the game to keep his impressive season rolling. 26
Jaguars 4-10 28 Not the hottest team any longer. 29
Raiders 4-10 29 Apparently, the Raiders didn't think you were allowed to throw passes to your running back in the NFL. 28
Falcons 4-10 30 A win over a team that is in free fall mode. 30
Redskins 3-11 31 The mess for this team is just going to get messier. 31
Texans 2-12 32 Do you think they take a qb in the draft? I do. 32