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Bengals Punter Kevin Huber In Neck Brace, Will Need Oral Surgery

Marvin Lewis addressed the media on Tuesday in his weekly press conference and talked about Kevin Huber's status after he sustained a big injury on Sunday night versus the Steelers.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Marvin Lewis took the podium in front of local Cincinnati media on Tuesday and began addressing everyone on the state of the Cincinnati Bengals. One of the main subjects was the overall health of punter Kevin Huber after taking a huge hit on Sunday night against the Steelers. He suffered a fractured jaw and a cracked vertebrae in his neck.

According to Joe Danneman of FOX 19, Lewis said that Huber's spirits are good, even though he is in a neck brace and will need surgery. Lewis also mentioned that the team will be signing a punter sometime today and that that newly-signed punter will be the holder on field goal tries.

It's good to know that Huber's career doesn't sound to be in jeopardy at this point, though his recovery from his injury sounds miserable. As we reported yesterday, the Bengals were going to try out five punters, so it sounds like one of those will be the guy that gets signed later today. We'll break that news when we hear it.