Is this a Bengal's fan site

I have been wondering for awhile now, why we treat each other with such discord?

I am a fan and it is getting to the point that we can't even have a civilized debate anymore and we are supposed to be brothers and sisters.

Why do we have to belittle someone for having a different opinion?

Why do we type something that we know is going to stir up the nest if we are all fans of the same team?

Isn't there any way to debate other than saying the sky is falling or Dalton sucks?

When I first came here, I remember most here would debate and it was fun.

Now, all I see is back biting and anger.

We are 8-4 and should be proud of our site, fans, and fellowship and instead we are getting people to start their own blogs, or leaving all together.

Isn't the ultimate reason for this site the coming together of Bengals fans. To talk with, enjoy company with, feel proud with, or just be friendly with someone that likes something in common with us.

This site looks like we are all fans of different teams and we want to tear apart each others hopes and love of the game.

I can see points of every poster but that shouldn't make you right all the time.

There is no such thing as debate if there is only one answer.

Next time before someone posts out of anger, just remember that we are on the same team.

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