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Wallace Gilberry and BenJarvus Green-Ellis' impromptu community work

Both players did some work in the community on Friday by helping to feed poor families during this holiday season.

Gregory Shamus

There's always the stories that you hear about players giving back to their respective communities. Last week, A.J. Green was running late to an interview on Monday's Bengals Line because he was taking underprivileged children shopping for Christmas presents. And then on Friday, running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis and defensive end Wallace Gilberry feed poor families after practice, writes

And then there was Gilberry's sudden stint at the FreeStore Foodbank's Liberty Street center Friday afternoon on his way home from work.

"He pulled over, jumped out of his car and asked, 'Is there anything I can do to help?" said Sarah Cook of The FreeStore. "So he helped us put together holiday meals and gift bags for two-and-a-half hours. And then he went back on his way. Talk about a random act of kindness."

Green-Ellis helped feed 175 families by handing out boxes with meals in them that "consisted of chicken, pasta, sauce, macaroni and cheese, canned goods, fresh produce, and bread."

We wish we could highlight all of the acts of kindness from Bengals players, from helping poor families, to speaking with children at local schools, but often these acts go unnoticed by those not participating.