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One Ravens player you would snatch for the Bengals

If you had to pick one Ravens player to steal for the Bengals, who would that be?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In a late Friday daze, I was thinking of what could improve this Bengals team. My thought was if I could snatch one player from the Ravens to keep on the Bengals team, who would it be. Below I list 4 and reasons why they could make this a better squad.

1. Joe Flacco - Is he Elite? I don't really care. I know he has a huge arm and could have a field day with the receiving talent this Bengals team has. He forces the ball often and could have more interceptions that currently if he has too much trust in the receivers. It is arguable whether he would be an improvement over Andy Dalton, but there is a chance he would excel in Cincinnati.

2. Haloti Ngata - The Ravens run a 3-4 where the Bengals have the 4-3. But imagine having Ngata in the rotation of talent the Bengals have on the D-Line. This would make it the best in the league no doubt. Ngata would ensure the Bengals would be an impossible team to run on.

3. Lardarius Webb - It's no secret the Bengals are banged up and shallow at the corner position. The Ravens have an outstanding talent in Webb. He doesn't get a lot of the recognition, but he is the type of corner that is comfortable covering the opposing teams number 1 guy. He could be huge without Leon Hall in the post season.

4. Terrell Suggs - Man, I hate even imagining this guy in a Bengals uniform. He is probably the player I despise the most from the Ravens, but the same could have been said about James Harrison with the Steelers. Line him up with Vontaze Burfict and watch the nastiness ensue.