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Fan Poll: Which Bengals Players Were Snubbed From The Pro Bowl?

We ask you, the readers, about which Bengals players were snubbed on a Pro Bowl berth. Cast your vote and sound off!

Andy Lyons

As it is with playoff berths, the Cincinnati Bengals now have some players who annually make the Pro Bowl. Predictably, wide receiver A.J. Green and linebacker Vontaze Burfict both made the Pro Bowl as the announcements were made on Friday night. It was the third time in as many years that Green was given the honorable designation and it was the first for Burfict.

Additionally, quarterback Andy Dalton and offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth were both named alternates in the Pro Bowl, which isn't the first time that that has been the case for those two. Still, for a team that has made its third consecutive postseason tournament and for one that has ten wins, two Pro Bowl players seems a bit shortchanged.

The thing with the Bengals is that so many players that have performed well this year haven't had the luxury of playing a full season. Accrued injuries at so many positions have allowed players to shine with increased roles. And, as has been mentioned often, the curse with having great depth means that some great players are put in a role where they are rotators.

Which bengals players, in your estimation, should have made the Pro Bowl, but didn't? There are a number of good players on the NFL's No.5 defense and No.10 offense. Cast your vote and sound off!