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Bengals Andy Dalton throws two first quarter picks and the Ravens lead 6-0

The Bengals are making mistakes on Sunday and the Baltimore Ravens are cashing in.

Andy Lyons

Wanting to respond to Baltimore's three-point lead that was the result of a Bengals mistake, Cincinnati slowly crept down-field with a series of short passes and runs. With 9:18 remaining in the first quarter, the Bengals have second and 13 from Cincinnati's 39-yard line. Andy Dalton faked the handoff and fired the football down the middle of the field.

Unfortunately, it sailed on him, well over A.J. Green's head. Safety James Ihedigbo intercepted the football, giving Baltimore the football at the Ravens 35-yard line.

Baltimore pieced together a 12-play possession, reaching the Bengals four-yard line where the defense stood strong to prevent a touchdown. Justin Tucker converted the 22-yard field goal to take a 6-0 lead with 2:26 remaining in the first quarter.