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Bengals take 24-17 lead on Andy Dalton zone-read run

The Cincinnati Bengals have finally covered some of their lost momentum on a 90-yard touchdown drive, capped by an Andy Dalton zone-read run for a score.

Andy Lyons

With the Bengals and Ravens tied at 17, Cincinnati losing their 11-point advantage in the third quarter, the Bengals needed a little help.

They got that with a 27-yard screen pass to running back Giovani Bernard with 33 seconds remaining in the third quarter, moving Cincinnati from their own 48-yard line to the Ravens 25. Following a nine-yard screen and one-yard run, the Bengals acquired another first down on Baltimore's 15-yard line.

Andy Dalton attempted to lob the football over Baltimore's defense for Marvin Jones, but Jimmy Smith's pass interference at the back of the endzone put Cincinnati at the Ravens one-yard line. No worries.

From shotgun on first and goal, Dalton fakes the handoff on a zone-read and sprints around the edge for a touchdown to take a 24-17 lead with 13:29 remaining in the game.