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Bengals coaches Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden possible Redskins candidates

Figure that Mike Zimmer and Jay Gruden will have their names thrown around quite a bit as teams are looking to fill head coaching vacancies.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals assistant coaches can't be interviewed for vacant head coaching positions until after Wild Card weekend. When they're allowed, figure that names like defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will float around for virtually every vacancy.

According to Chris Mortensen with ESPN, Zimmer and Gruden are in play in Washington.

Zimmer recently said that he was more focused on getting the Bengals defense ready for the playoffs, rather than preparing for possible job interviews.

"I hear guys say the last couple weeks at the end of the season they're preparing their stuff for their interviews, and I'm like, I'm never doing that," Zimmer told USA TODAY Sports on Friday in his office at Paul Brown Stadium. "My job is to take these players and try to do the best we can every week. I don't even look at that until after it's done."

Currently there are four openings, as of this posting, in Houston, Washington, Minnesota and Cleveland. There are eyes currently in Oakland, Tennessee, Detroit and Tampa Bay, but all four could go either way. Oakland, Detroit and Tampa Bay feel safe at the moment, but things could dramatically change without notice -- aka, Rob Chudzinski.