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Mike Zimmer Reiterates: Worried about coaching, not head coaching opportunities

Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer reiterated that it would be unfair to his players if he were looking at available head coaching opportunities.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer figures to have his name circulated among teams looking to replace fired head coaches. As of this posting, there are six vacancies in Houston, Detroit, Washington, Minnesota, Cleveland and Tampa Bay. Zimmer has previously interviewed in Tampa Bay and Cleveland, but we doubt that he heads to the team up north.

Heading into the regular season finale against Baltimore, Mike Zimmer was asked about possible head coaching opportunities but deflected the idea, instead saying that it wouldn't be fair to his players if he were preparing to interview for another job.

"I hear guys say the last couple weeks at the end of the season they're preparing their stuff for their interviews, and I'm like, I'm never doing that," Zimmer told USA TODAY Sports on Friday in his office at Paul Brown Stadium. "My job is to take these players and try to do the best we can every week. I don't even look at that until after it's done.

"For me, that's a very difficult situation, and I'm sure it is for other coaches, too," said Zimmer. "This is the thing that gets me, is my players are expecting me to study like crazy that week and do everything I can to win this football game. But no, I have to prepare for an interview."

Zimmer was asked about those opportunities again on Monday and issued the same proclamation.