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NOW HIRING: Social Media Manager

We're looking to hire a new member for the CJ staff. Do you qualify? Do you want to help our evolution to being the greatest Bengals community in the world?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of websites and blogging, social media is a necessary component for growth. Along with sharing our stories, those regions of the internet world can actually blossom into thriving communities with a hope that all social media combine with the community at the original site to greatly enhance the voices that debate in our corner of the world.

However, with the season heating up towards the playoffs and our goal to provide the best content for discussion, we're short-handed and need help revitalizing our social media presence.

We're looking to fill a spot for a Social Media Manager, which comes with compensation (not much, but there is some money to be made).

The goal of the social media manager is to improve and enhance our social media, specially in Facebook and Google Plus. Responsibilities would include posting our stories from the main site, interacting with readers in those communities, offering independent stories and topics (such as a weekly post that combines pictures from tail gate parties) and other community-minded ambitions.

If you're interested in joining the Cincy Jungle team to help rebuild one of the most important ambitions on our table, please contact me directly at with the subject line, "Social Media Manager" and a paragraph convincing me that you're the person for the job and how you can enhance our social media. If you're a long-time and extremely active member of the CJ community, looking to do whatever must be done to help our growth, please let me know, along with your screen name.

NOTE: You need to email me. I won't accept comments in random posts as identification of interest.