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Super Bowl XLVII: The Ten Most Bizarre Prop Bets For The Big Game

Got some money to burn? Want to place it on something out of the ordinary for Super Bowl XLVII? Look no further.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Predicting outcomes in sports has been around since fans have existed. More bets are placed on the Super Bowl than any sporting event of the year, according to the American Gaming Association. The beauty of prop bets are that they invite both hardcore and casual gamblers due to the extremely remote odds they offer, and prop bets can be very entertaining since a handful have nothing to do with what's happening on the field. I won't dig into some of the money lines on these bets, but I may comment on some of the odds as we go along.

For more information on (normal) Super Bowl odds, see our article on Super Bowl Lines and odds.

With all of that said, let's countdown a list of the ten most bizarre and often humorous prop bets for Super Bowl XLVII (from Bovada):

10. How many times will the game be referred to as the Harbaugh Bowl or Har Bowl or Super Baugh during the game? (Over/Under 2 ½)

You should have seen this one coming. It's all we've heard over the past several weeks. What is a surprise, however, is the Over/Under. I fully expect our ears to be beaten with the words "Har Bowl" more than three times. Prepare for it.

9. Will Beyonce be joined by Jay Z on Stage during the Super Bowl Half Time Show?

This is a simple Yes or No option, of course. The payoffs could be huge, but your viewing experience could be priceless if Mr. Knowles-Carter takes the stage. I'm absolutely predicting "yes" on this.

8. What predominant color will Beyonce's top be at the beginning of the Super Bowl Halftime show?

I won't even list out all of the colors (there are nine options with differing odds on each). The mere fact that this is encouraging bets is worth including it in this list. I'm absolutely steering clear of this prop bet.

7. Will any Baltimore or San Francisco Player on active roster be arrested before Super Bowl XLVII?

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that this prop bet surfaced. I'd bet "No." Ray Lewis won't be in handcuffs over the consumption of deer antler. Moving on.

6. Will Alicia Keys forget or omit at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?

I'm going to predict that Keys will not forget or omit a word of the National Anthem, but I have nothing to back up my prediction whatsoever other than the fact that I'd like to believe that Alicia Keys is a professional. Then again, I never would have expected Michael Bolton to butcher our nation's anthem and he did just that at Fenway Park in 2003. At any rate, I'd avoid this bet if possible, but it'll be entertaining to watch.

5. What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

You'll have seven colors (including water) to choose from on this prop bet. Green and Blue will pay out the most with seven to one odds, and yellow will pay out the least. Yellow and orange seem to be the more common colors seen during Super Bowl victories, but Tom Coughlin did get a clear (maybe a hint of purple?) shower during last year's Super Bowl. I'm avoiding this one.

4. How many times will Jack Harbaugh be shown on TV during the game? (Over/Under 2 ½)

I love this bet because Poppa Harbaugh is undoubtedly going to be plastered all over your TV screens on Sunday, and as a result it's easy money. Two and a half? Over, over, over. Are you kidding me? Katherine Webb was shown on camera countless times during the BCS title game, John Elway was shown grinding his teeth after every single Tim Tebow touchdown in 2011, and Fireman Ed gets more camera time than any Hall of Famer in attendance would at a Jets game. CBS cameras will eat up Jack Harbaugh, the man that spawned the dueling Super Bowl coaches.

3. What will be higher? Randy Moss Receptions or How many times Jackie orJack Harbaugh are shown on TV during Live Broadcast.

This is a tough one. The odds are that the Harbaugh parents, eerily complimentary first names and all, will be shown more than Moss' reception count, but Moss could have an unexpected surge in productivity on Sunday. I have this prop bet ranked higher simply because Bovada is asking us to choose between Randy Moss' output and Harbaugh camera time. It's ridiculous, and I love it. I'm going to stand by my Harbaugh media love affair and pick their camera time over Moss' receptions.

2. If Ray Lewis is interviewed on TV after the game on the field or in the locker room how many times will he mention "God/Lord" (Over/Under 3)

Of course, I don't mean to make light of religion by any means, but it's such an odd bet it certainly deserves the recognition. I haven't kept tabs on Lewis' praise to the Almighty. I'd have to bet the Under on this simply because I think Lewis will have too many things to talk about when reflecting on his 17-year career.

1. How long will the post game handshake/hug last between Jim & John Harbaugh? (Over/Under 6 seconds)

How amazing is this proposition? This may be the most bizarre prop bet out of all Bovada has listed for the Super Bowl. It's unique, extremely weird, somewhat awkward, and humorous; all qualities I look for in a great prop bet. What's even better is Bovada's conditions of the bet: "Must be clearly shown on TV. Will be from moment they touch to moment they release." Six seconds? I feel that Jim Harbaugh losing would result in a very brief embrace between the two, but John may force Jim to just hang on a little longer. It's perplexing. I'm going to go for the Under on this bet and make sure I'm ready for the bromance (literally).