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Sports Illustrated Peter King Loves Bengals In Free Agency

Peter King of Sports Illustrated cites Cincinnati's number under the 2013 salary cap as a reason to love the Bengals in free agency this year. I don't think so.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

During his latest Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King with Sports Illustrated seems to believe that Cincinnati's offseason will dictate success based on how much amount money that the team spends, adding their $52 million available under the 2013 salary cap. He writes:

What team is better positioned in free agency than Cincinnati, with 40 players under contract and $52 million available? Now, spending that money is another matter. The Bengals should re-sign Robert Geathers and Michael Johnson to keep their front seven strong, then go get one of the big receivers (Greg Jennings, Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace).

Won't happen.

Apologizes. Hate to sound like a broken record. Cincinnati will fill gaps on their roster and work feverishly to re-sign their own. Geathers is likely. Johnson and Andre Smith are high priority players while players like Adam Jones are no less important. Wallace Gilberry, Pat Sims, Thomas Howard, a place-kicker and punter will be featured in negotiations, we suspect. Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap will be worked over and hopefully by this time next season Cincinnati has enough money left over for wide receiver A.J. Green.