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Why Percy Harvin Won't Be Traded To The Cincinnati Bengals

This week's big name in the NFL that could be traded or released into free agency is Percy Harvin, who along with being a significant disruption in the lockerroom, could demand north of $10 million per season.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Here we are again. Lifting our 13-inch boot to stomp on your offseason dreams once again. Here's the template storyline: A talented and well-known player could be traded (or released for free agency) during the offseason and many ask, "why not Cincinnati".

The name this week is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin, who insiders at the conclusion of 2012 speculated could be acquired via second or third round selection. Cheap, right? While the offseason talking points continue from last year asking who will be Cincinnati's No. 2 wide receiver, names will surface throughout the offseason and we're often tasked with explaining why those players won't come to Cincinnati. Call us dream-squashers or negative nancy's if you want. We prefer realists.

So, Percy Harvin?


Along with a suspected contract demand of $10 million per season, Harvin is the epitome of disruption. He's volatile, self-absorbed and mindlessly enters ridiculous tantrum. According to Mike Max with WCCO in Minnesota, Percy Harvin went into an explosive tirade last year which resulted in the wide receiver leaving the team and being placed on Injured Reserve.

Multiple sources tell Max that Harvin had an embarrassing tirade directed toward Frasier, disrespecting the coach during the season when Harvin was sidelined with an injured ankle. Teammates were present, and Max was told that is when Harvin left the team and was put on injured reserve. Sources say teammates were disappointed in Harvin’s actions and the organization has moved toward less tolerance for that behavior. Harvin apparently had a similar incident when Childress coached the team.

Save for "if" or "what could happen" if Harvin came to Cincinnati, keep in mind that Cincinnati turned their backs to self-absorbed wide receivers that cause lockerroom disruptions. And it's of our opinion that the team is comfortable enough with Mohamed Sanu as the theoretical No. 2 receiver.