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Pixar Animator Illustrates Bengals vs. Chiefs from 2012 Season

A Pixar animator illustrated a lot of the 2012 NFL season. How did he depict the Bengals?

Jamie Squire

Austin Madison, an animator at Pixar, spent every week of the 2012 NFL season illustrating a photo that represented a match up for each respective week. Madison's work is presumably not a project that Pixar has employed him for considering he's using his personal blog as an outlet for his various drawings.

During week eleven of the 2012 season, he illustrated the Bengals victory against the Chiefs.


I would assume this could be a top-notch nomination for desktop wallpapers for most of you, eh? If Madison had chosen a division game to illustrate (i.e. Steelers loss in week sixteen), I probably would have pasted and printed it on so many things that Mr. Madison may have sent me a cease and desist letter.

Now for the buzzkill, Bengals fans:


I'm sorry you had to see that. While the argument can be made that Chuck Norris isn't an actual "Texan," there's no denying that Walker Texas Ranger is. There's also no denying that Chuck Norris can be whatever he wants to be, so any argument is asinine when all is said and done. So, as much as I'd like to discredit some of this image I simply cannot.

I'm sorry to say there's one more:


I suppose I should have ended with the Bengals vs. Chiefs image.

Regardless of taking our lumps from the Baltimore and Houston losses, we still have a nice image courtesy of Madison for an impressive season recap on a grander NFL scale. More of Austin Madison's work can be found here.