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Around The AFC North: SB Nation Style

Updates from other SB Nation AFC North Blogs! Check out the happenings with the Bengals' most bitter rivals this offseason.

Gregory Shamus

We like to keep a pulse on what's going on around the Bengals' division and even though it's the offseason, there's a lot circulating. Even though the Bengals are our primary focus here at Cincy Jungle, we simply have to pay attention to the other three teams that comprise almost 38 percent of their yearly schedule.

Here's what's happening in the AFC North SB Nation:

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Behind The Steel Curtain breaks down WR Antonio Brown's new role without Mike Wallace

He admits watching the post-season from home had begun to fester and burn. The Steelers failed to make the playoffs for the first time in Brown's short career, something he has vowed to never allow again, to the best of his ability.

Antonio Brown is already preparing to lead Steelers to post-season in 2013 and beyond.

Baltimore Ravens:

Baltimore Beatdown digs in on whether the Ravens' age will catch up with them

The Ravens players are only a little more than a year and a half older than the youngest team in the league, so does it really matter?

Baltimore Ravens Are One Of NFL's "Oldest" Teams. But, apparently that might be more of a stereotype than truth.

Cleveland Browns:

Dawgs By Nature says Brandon Weeden is the Browns' top QB choice for 2013:

Is Weeden better than Geno, Nassib, Glennon or Barkley? I think that’s a tough debate but what’s easy to wrap your head around is the fact that the 2014 draft will be stock piled with QB’s who are head and shoulders above this year’s talent and Brandon Weeden

Weeden Best QB for Browns in 2013. Still, if a guy like Barkley is there, would they pull the trigger to bring in competition for their first round pick from a year ago?