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Recently Released And The Bengals Chances To Sign Them

Around this time of year NFL teams release players with significant cap numbers, as well as roster bonuses that injects more names into the free agency pool. We take a look at the players released last week and their chances of joining the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Charles Woodson: The Packers released Woodson on Friday, who was due $9 million in 2013 (base and bonuses) with a $10 million hit against the 2013 cap. Woodson turns 37 years old in October and claims to "have a lot of football left." The Cincinnati Bengals are need of a safety and provided that Woodson isn't using green-flavored glasses that explored an expected salary before his release, Cincinnati could be a destination. But let's remove the discussions about long-term solutions in regards to Charles, shall we? Even if, while we're playing the hypothetical game, Woodson signs with the Bengals, Cincinnati would be hard pressed to negate safety in the first three rounds of the 2012 NFL draft.

That being said the Bengals are veterans at signing older free agent safeties past their primes, like Dexter Jackson, Roy Williams and Chris Crocker to name a few.

Chances Bengals are Interested: Greater than 50 percent.
Chances Bengals Sign: Less than 10 percent.

Dwight Freeney: This is interesting to me. How much are the Bengals willing to spend on their free agent defensive ends. Exclude Michael Johnson from that thought; the Bengals figure to sign him one way or the other. The reality is that Freeney has declined, generating only 13.5 quarterback sacks in the past two years -- though the defense has made changes that could have impacted his production. If the question is down to Michael Johnson and Freeney, I'll pick Johnson every time, largely because of his youth and the up-arrow that represents his increasing sack totals each season.

That being said we have a feeling that the Bengals will be more interested in Johnson, Wallace Gilberry and Robert Geathers before entertaining the idea of Freeney in Cincinnati.

Chances Bengals are Interested: Less than 30 percent (could increase based on their own free agents)
Chances Bengals Sign: Less than 10 percent.

Nick Barnett: He's a linebacker. The Bengals could use a linebacker. So the perfect marriage, right? Barnett played the last two seasons at weakside linebacker and before that as an inside linebacker during a based 3-4 defense in Green Bay. Unless the team elects not to re-sign Thomas Howard and the knee his still rehabilitating, Barnett isn't a fit. There's always the possibility of moving a weakside linebacker to the strongside, which makes far more sense. Barnett is a strong run defender that hasn't played the pass particularly well recently. Last year he allowed four touchdowns and an opposing quarterback rating of 129.8.

Chances Bengals are Interested: Greater than 50 percent.
Chances Bengals Sign: Less than 25 percent.

George Wilson: Much like Charles Woodson, we'll give the Bengals a higher probability to show interest in safety George Wilson, simply by the sheer inferiority on the team's depth chart. But they better do it quick. Wilson is reportedly set to visit (or already has) the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans.

Wilson, who will turn 31 years old next month, has generated 12 interceptions six-year career with only six touchdowns allowed in the past five seasons and at least 100 tackles in each of the past two.

Chances Bengals are Interested: Greater than 30 percent.
Chances Bengals Sign: Less than 10 percent.

Terrence McGee: Officially McGee was released after failing a physical in Buffalo. But during his ten-year career with the Bills, McGee returned five kickoffs for a touchdown. That being said McGee hasn't returned a kickoff in three years, and hasn't returned more than three kickoffs in a single season since 2007. Beyond that we don't see much usefulness with a cornerback that hasn't played a full season since 2004.

Chances Bengals are Interested: Less than 12 percent
Chances Bengals Sign: Less than 5 percent.