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Next Madden Installment Will Be Named Madden NFL 25

Electronic Arts announced on Friday that the next installment for the Madden video game series will be named Madden NFL 25

Sean Gardner

When the next version of Madden is released, you probably should forgo predictions that it'll be named Madden 14. On Friday Electronic Arts announced that the next installment of Madden will be named Madden NFL 25, marking the 25th anniversary of the video game franchise. Per Polygon:

"There's no better way to celebrate and mark the culmination of 25 years of innovation than by naming this year's game Madden NFL 25," said Cam Weber, general manager of American football at EA Sports, in a press release announcing the new title. He added, "This year's game will push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years of this storied franchise.

The Madden franchise has sold approximately 99 million copies since its debut in 1989.