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Bengals News, Notes and Quotes: Because We Don't Have A Catchy Tag-Line

Cincy Jungle is without ideas for a catchy morning tagline -- we used Banter but then that got dumb (and used by others) so we're in the market for a new catchy morning tagline.

John Grieshop

+ In case you haven't noticed The_Black_Stipes, now known as Andre Perrotta, has joined our merry band of writers. If you've chatted with Andre in the comments (and if you're chatting in the comments, you're probably chatting with him), it's not particularly difficult to figure out. After impressive arguments and discussions with a sound understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the team's existing salary cap issues, we reached out. Now Andre will lead our effort to provide more information on both issues as they occur.

See. We're not like other sites. If we're unsure about something, we bring on-board those that do.

Last week Andre discussed the minimum case spend requirement and on Tuesday, he detailed the salary cap impact on an individual level. Look for Andre's follow up from Tuesday's posting today.

+ Speaking of personnel announcements, our own Jason Garrison will be heading off to the NFL Combine this week, so make sure to give him a follow for observations @JGarrisonSBN. We've also brought on Lucas Greta and Josh Stankovich to the fold, so give everyone a warm welcome to your daily lives.

+ We made an argument against signing any of the New York Jets players released on Tuesday. Naturally Mojo and Anthony Cosenza gave this writer the nickname of Josh "The Dreamcrusher" Kirkendall. Perhaps there's a hint of instinct when tabbing opinions on whom the Bengals will sign, but you have to make comparative and realistic arguments. Is the signing parallel to what the team had before, an upgrade or 90s-style downgrade using known players well past their prime? Think about that before arguing that Barry Sanders should come out of retirement and join the Bengals because "he has fresh legs".

+ Amidst my bitter antagonistic dreamcrusher attitude is Anthony's more reasonable argument for another player in the secondary.

+ The Cleveland Browns are rumored to be interested in defensive end Michael Johnson. Would love to have Johnson back but is it sad that if he joins a division rival, I don't necessarily fear him? Maybe that's a commentary within itself.

+ Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was cleared earlier this month and has already began running routes, eliminating any supposed timeline for his return because... well... he returned. As TCfromDubVee writes, "best news all day as a matter of fact!". Well. The only news that came out on Tuesday, but indeed good.