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NFL Combine 2013: Vikings Do Not Intend To Trade Percy Harvin

Though demands for a trade have been whispered from the Percy Harvin camp, the Minnesota Vikings have no intention to trade him, says the team's general manager.

Ronald Martinez

Many days ago when rumor filtered that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin, my simple tweet at the time was "Welcome Percy Harvin". An immensely talented receiver with a noticeably diva-like flaw, Harvin would significantly help any offense looking for a versatile, especially for a team like the Bengals with a quarterback that really needs as much help around him as possible.

That being said, ditch the thought (at least for now).

While observing the press conferences, our own Jason Garrison reported that Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman crushed that supposed avenue of Madden-like hope during Thursday's presser saying that the team has no intension of trading Harvin.

"As I stated earlier, we have no intent to trade (him)," Spielman told reporters at the NFL Scouting Combine."Anything related to his contract or any discussions will all be kept internally. I think everybody understands what type of player Percy Harvin is. He's a dynamic playmaker, not only on offense (and) the things that he can do with different positions, but also what he brings us as a kickoff returner."