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NFL Draft 2013: NFL Releases Seven-Round Draft Order

The NFL released the full order for the 2013 NFL draft, pre-compensatory picks.


The NFL released a tentative draft order for all seven rounds, which will change once the compensatory picks are released later, however the first three rounds are largely set. Click here for the league's entire draft order (PDF) at this point.

The Cincinnati Bengals currently have eight selections, including two in the second (the Carson Palmer trade) and two in the sixth with the second being the results from the Chad Johnson trade. Cincinnati won't have a seventh round selection at this point due to the Taylor Mays trade.

Round Pick Overall
1 21 21
2 (from Oakland) 5 37
2 23 53
3 22 84
4 21 -
5 23 -
6 22 -
6 (from New England) 29 -