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Domata Peko Representatives Approached The Bengals About An Extension

The Cincinnati Bengals have plenty on their free agency plate, but representatives for Domata Peko, signed through 2014, approached the team about an extension.

John Grieshop

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Domata Peko hasn't generated the notoriety that his crew on the defensive line receives. He's not a pass rusher, rather a road block taking on multiple blockers in an effort to congest lanes during runs. Making plays isn't his repertoire; rather ensuring that other defenders can.

According to Carlos Holmes with the Dayton Daily News, the Bengals aren't ready to negotiate with defensive tackle Domata Peko about an extension, especially considering the amount of free agents that the Bengals need to re-up.

Apparently, representatives for defensive tackle Domata Peko contacted the Cincinnati Bengals about an extension but were told they weren’t ready to negotiate. The 28-year-old Peko has 2 years remaining on his current contract and an extension would likely ensure he finishes his career in Cincinnati. The Bengals have a laundry list of free agents they would like to re-sign, but getting a new deal in place for defensive tackle Geno Atkins is top priority.

Peko is signed through 2014 with a base salary of $3.9 million and $3.73 million respectively and a cap number of $5.1 million in 2013. However one thing to note is that a restructured contract could enable Cincinnati to have more room sooner rather than later.