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Bengals Having Discussions With Carlos Dunlap About An Extension

Michael Johnson and Andre Smith remain the offseason priority, but Cincinnati would also like to seal up Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap long-term, both of whom are entering the final year on their rookie contracts.


According to Jason Cole with Yahoo Sports, the Cincinnati Bengals are having discussions with defensive end Carlos Dunlap about an extension. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins is easily known as the team's best pass rusher, generating 20 quarterback sacks in the past two seasons, but Dunlap is right up there.

Bengals have three pass rushers capable of generating ten sacks per season if everyone re-signs.

Atkins has the overall numbers and the national glory (as he should), but Dunlap is equally a threat to opposing quarterbacks. One out of every 12.7 snaps, Dunlap records a pressure and one of out of every 31.4 snaps, he hits the quarterback; both numbers are more productive than Atkins, who generated a hurry per 13.6 drops and a hit per 37.1 snaps.

That's not all. Dunlap only generated six sacks in 2012, he also posted four forced fumbles, an interception and touchdown, all during a non-contract season.

The only question is durability -- Dunlap has missed ten games in three seasons with various ailments.

If the Bengals can sign Dunlap and Michael Johnson long-term, Cincinnati will have a significant duo of edge rushers while opposing offenses worry about Geno Atkins up the middle.