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2013 NFL Combine: Saturday Preview From Lucas Oil Stadium

CincyJungle's own Jason Garrison is on the scene at Lucas Oil Stadium providing insider access and information. Here is his rundown of all the day's upcoming action.

It's day three at the Scouting Combine and we're finally into the meat and potatoes of the event. After two days of interviews and medical check ups, the players will take to the field and participate in a number of different drills. CincyJungle's own Jason Garrison is in Indianapolis and has been providing us with insider information and commentary about all the happenings thus far. Today is no different, as Jason will be on the scene to give his observations on the first day of player workouts.

In addition to the on-field drills, a new batch of players will be arriving today to check in and be poked and prodded by the medical staff, while the next big group of offensive skill players will undergo the bench press test in preparation for their workouts tomorrow.

Here is Jason's video giving us a rundown of today's events, as well as a few brief bits of information gleaned from Marvin Lewis' media interview yesterday.