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Reedy: Bengals Questions For Lane Johnson Part Of Cognitive Testing

Lane Johnson thought Cincinnati's questions were weird. But the Bengals asked them as part of cognitive testing


While the entire NFL community offered customary jokes and giggles for Cincinnati's predraft practices asking basic questions, we thought it out and giggled ourselves because most likely, the team that they support offer similar questions. But whatever.

Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson admitted that he was asked "weird" questions by the Cincinnati Bengals, which we reasoned was a practice to determine any issues related to concussions. Though it's hard to believe memory-recall questions would gain significant insight during a 15-minute interview, it would at least raise certain flags for that player.

Who knows.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer spoke with scouts after Johnson's interview and concluded that cognitive testing is part of Cincinnati's practices, "along with other teams."

Some interviews can mostly consist of going through a play on a whiteboard and others are talking about red flags that have popped up due to off-field incidents. It depends on the prospect. There's also this -- prospects come into interviews so polished these days that teams are looking for ways to surprise them. In Johnson's case this happened in what could be considered a good way.

Joe's zinger at the end rocks.

And look at it from this perspective -- for once a team made news for assessing a prospect's mental capacity rather than asking if his mother was a hooker or if he liked girls.